Buchko Productions has been in the making for 10 years. After trials and errors of projects and later success in the second half of the past decade, Buchko Productions is about what difference I can make in society through education, music and entertainment. Check out my personal story below for more information.


Greg Buchko:

The Man With A Lens



My diverse career portfolio is a reflection of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into developing my range and talent as a professional Filmmaker. From Pittsburgh Filmmakers to Robert Morris University and beyond, l have built my unique style and positivity I have with every project. Take a look at some stills of my best work here.

Boom Warriors
My Life In A Nutshell
Jheronimus Bosch - An Homage
My Life In A Nutshell


Experience The Power

Take to the roads as we embrace and experience the power of a Lexus.

Release Date: March 2020

The Shadow Selects: A Spotify Project

In 2019, Greg created a special playlist on Spotify. He decided to test and branch out the music he listened to in the EDM world through Spotify's Release Radar. Now, we take a look at his 500+ songs and analyze his listening habits to see how far he would go in hearing new music than he normally would.

Release Date: March/April 2020

Afterhours II

The Skull is back. Years after the incident Greg had at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, his nightmare has returned to haunt him, but this time a new entity challenges the Skull for Greg's soul. Will Greg escape again, or will one of these evil spirits take his soul for good?

Release Date: October 2020

Collaboration projects with Underpass Productions coming soon...


Many Changes Coming for 2020...

February 19, 2020

To start, the current mixes/mashups projects on the YouTube channel will continue, with more projects this year than the last (a synthwave mix I did for a challenge is uploaded now). There will also be some ranking videos of albums from the electronic dance label, Monstercat. These projects are to continue stretching my motion graphic skills. Second, more film shorts and videos will emerge as stated in the Upcoming Releases (Experience The Power, The Shadow Selects Project, Afterhours 2, etc.) Third and most important, Buchko Productions and Underpass Productions plan to collaborate on several projects in the future. There's been several projects in the past we've done and we can't wait to do more narrative and documentary works together. Finally, the website will be changing hosts this year and will eventually have an entirely different and fresh look (not that the theme here is bad, quite the opposite).

2019 was a slow year for me, and while I did do some film projects and videos I couldn't seem to stay organized and not distracted. Projects that were on the back burner stayed there while new projects (even projects not involving film) went out very quickly. This year is the change I need to turn things around for the better, and I can't wait. More updates soon!

2019: A Year of (Other) Projects

December 31, 2019

This year included projects of all kinds for me, but not as many film projects. Film projects I did do was the production of "Experience The Power" which releases very soon next year, and... well, that was it. I also did a color corrections and grading test to get my editing skills up, and I posted 4 mixes and mashup videos and a teaser on YouTube, two video clues for a playlist project (I'll get to in a second), and a teaser video for an online DJ event, all to better my motion graphic skills.


These were great, but I had my focus on music, SO much music this year. A friend from Twitter and I listened to compilation albums from an electronic dance label, Monstercat, and we planned on listening to them all when we had the chance. I also worked on updating a weekly Spotify playlist called The Shadow Selects to broaden my songs I normally listened to. This included sharing the list with others on Twitter and making secret clues and puzzles to reveal the artists and titles. Over time, due to other priorities, the project became bi-weekly and then monthly up until now.

Other than these projects, work and life have made this year a struggle for me to stay organized and focused on. I hope to make video projects based on the music projects of this year. I'll keep you posted soon. Until then, happy new year!

2018 RMU Gold Screening

April 5, 2018

While this year I did not submit any of my works for the RMU Gold Screening as I have done for the past two years, my friend Bruno Sartorio submitted and was accepted for his hilarious short, Jordan Thompson vs. The Backwood 'Billies. I was able to help by not only acting a small part, but also helping with arranging the location and handling the props. I thank him for allowing me to help out in this project and applaud him for his acceptance into the university's screening of best student works!




Awarded to the short animation Jheronimus Bosch - An Homage, commemorating the 5th centenary of Jheronimus Bosch's death using his painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights". Received by Robert Morris University's Media Arts Department.


Awarded to this live-action and animation-mixed short, That Darn Cat!, based on the true childhood story about a boy and his cat. Received by Robert Morris University's Media Arts Department.


Awarded to the comedic chase scene, Boom Warriors, a pursuit of a boom operator who couldn't keep the mic out of the shot. Received by Robert Morris University's Media Arts Department.

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My Life In A Nutshell

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